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6*K36WS+IWRC Name Meaning
May 15, 2018

6 shares * surface contact K36 wire + 7*7 small strand core


36: The number of monofilaments per share

K: "K" for compacting steel wire ropes according to GB/T 8706-2006 "Wire Rope - Terminology, Marking and Classification" Standard

W: Valinton

      The outermost steel wire diameters are different in size and are arranged at intervals. As shown in this structure, each wire has 36 wires, and the outermost thick and thin wires are interlaced.

S: West Lu type

     Wire rope is wire contact steel wire, two layers of steel wire for comparison: the same number of wires, the inner wire diameter is small, the outer wire diameter is large.

SW: Warington-Sirou, also called hybrid.

         The strand consists of multiple layers of steel wire. Between the outermost layer and the secondary outer layer, the configuration of the steel wire is similar to the West Lu type.

         The wire configuration between the secondary outer layer and the third layer is a Valinian type.

         This kind of strand and the steel rope composed of it combine the characteristics of the West Lu type and the Valinton type. The wear resistance is good and it is soft.

          In addition, there is also a hybrid type Westwood-filled wire rope, such as rope 6×41SFi+Fc; stock: (16+8F+8+8+1).

IWRC: 7*7 steel core


The compacted strands are in contact with steel wire ropes and are often used in industrial and mining facilities such as rotary drilling machines.


Compacted strand steel wire rope: Before the rope is formed, the strand is subjected to die-cutting, rolling or forging (commonly known as small strand forging) and the like.

Compaction of steel wire ropes: After the ropes have been formed, they are compacted (usually forged) to process a multi-strand steel wire rope with a reduced diameter.

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