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According To The Wire Within The Wire Contact State Classification
Jun 03, 2017

According to the contact between the adjacent layers of wire in the state is divided into point contact, line contact or surface contact 3 kinds.

① point of contact with the wire rope: the wire diameter of the same wire, the same angle between the layers of steel wire, twist different, so the inner and outer wire cross each other, was in contact with the state.

② wire contact with the wire rope: strand in each layer of wire twist the same distance from the same angle, the inner and outer wire contact with each other in a spiral line, wire contact state. In the same conditions of use, the wire contact wire rope life than the point of contact with long wire rope.

③ compaction type wire rope, formerly known as surface contact wire rope, wire rope twisting process, after forging, drawing, etc., the formation of contact between the wire, including the rope consolidation, wire rope compaction and rope double compaction The

④ sealed steel wire rope: the outer layer made of special-shaped steel wire, including T-type S-type Z-section structure of the steel wire, the surface smooth, good wear resistance, and the same diameter of other types of wire rope, tensile strength, Understand the lateral pressure, but the flexibility is poor, the process is more complex, high manufacturing costs, often used as a bearing cable, such as cable cranes and aerial ropeway cable.

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