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Correct Use Of Wire Rope Buckle
Aug 07, 2018

    Wire rope buckles are used correctly. The rope clamps commonly used for wire ropes are divided into three types: U-shaped, riding type, and cohesive type. Among them, the riding rope clamp has the strongest connection and the widest application.

    Generally, the type, type and quantity of the rope clamp should be selected according to the diameter of the wire rope. Please pay attention when using:

1. When using the rope clamp, the inner clearance of the U-ring should be about 1~3mm larger than the diameter of the wire rope. The net distance deviation will make the buckle connection card not tight to the wire rope, causing sliding and accident.

2. The bolts of the buckle must be tightened, generally the wire rope is crushed ~ the diameter is subject to;

3. The U-shaped part should be in contact with the wire rope head and cannot be reversed with the main rope; the rope clamp installation should be arranged in a straight and equidistant arrangement;

4. In order to check whether the rope clamp joint is safe or reliable or timely find out whether the wire rope joint is sliding, generally add a rope clamp about 500mm behind the last rope clamp, and release the wire rope head a "safe bend"; if the wire rope joint When the slip occurs, the phenomenon that the “safe bend” is straightened can be visually displayed, and the treatment measures should be taken in time.

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