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Due To The Different Ropes, Their Respective Advantages And Disadvantages
May 22, 2018

Fiber core wire rope is composed of a fiber rope in the middle. It is represented by the letter FC.

Take hemp core material as an example:

The hemp core material is basically the same as the fiber used in the general hemp rope. The role of the hemp core is to store the lubricating oil so that the oil on the surface of the steel rope can achieve a lasting supplement and the wire rope can be used for a long time. It is essential for oil ropes that are often in motion to be oiled. New wire ropes and hemp cores generally contain 12% to 15% of grease, while scrapped wire ropes contain only 2.4% of grease at the point of maximum loss. In the rope end of the same rope, it still contains 12.7% to 14.5% without passing pulleys. Grease. Tests have shown that the broken wires occurring in the coated steel wire rope at the end of the test are about half of the oil. The initial oil content of a steel wire rope can only maintain 40% of its life. If no oil is added afterwards, the broken wire increases sharply. Secondly, special steel wire ropes such as galvanized steel and aluminum plating can be selected for steel wire ropes with poor use environment and less relative motion. . The galvanized or aluminized surfaces of these steel cords exposed to the atmosphere form zinc hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide films, which can effectively prevent corrosion of the steel cord. 

The steel core wire rope is composed of a strand/wire rope in the middle. It is represented by the letters IWS or IWR. The steel core wire rope is harder than the hemp core wire rope, anti-extrusion, has a high service life, the breaking tensile force is relatively high, and the softness is relatively low. Because of the reasons of wear resistance and pressure resistance, steel core wire ropes are generally suitable for use on cranes or hoists. The price of steel core wire rope is relatively higher than that of hemp core wire rope, but the cost of steel core wire rope is relatively low in terms of overall cost performance considering the service life and the relative goodness of wire rope tension.



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