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How To Maintain The Wire Rope
Aug 17, 2018

    The composition of the wire rope consists of a steel wire, a rope core (steel core or fiber rope core), grease and a rope made of a certain process parameter.

    The storage of the first wire rope is stored in a dry, non-exposure, rainproof, and ventilated room. Prevent wire rope rust, grease and fiber rope aging.

    In the second use process, pay attention to the lubrication of the steel wire rope, and the cooperation of the guide wheel, the pulley and the reel and the steel wire rope which are in contact with the steel wire rope, to prevent the wire rope from being damaged due to the damage of the guide wheel, the pulley and the reel, and the wire is broken. The wire rope is scrapped in advance.

    The third inspection is to check the diameter of the wire rope, the oil, the broken wire, and the guide wheels, pulleys and reels that are in contact with the wire rope for wear and damage.

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