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Linear Contact Lay Wire Rope Characteristics
Jun 26, 2018

The linear contact lay wire rope is not only in line contact with the layer steel wire, but also the line contact between the adjacent layers of steel wire. Each layer of steel wire in the strand has the same tangential direction (see wire rope twist method) and twist distance.

Each layer of wire has a different diameter and a certain ratio.

Thus has the characteristics:

(1) The inner structure of the strand is tighter than that of the point contact. When used, the relative sliding between the steel wires in the strand can be reduced; the strand distance in the strand is equal, the inner corner angle is smaller, and the elongation of the whole rope is smaller than that of the wire rope in point contact;

(2) The density coefficient is high. When the other conditions are the same, the strength loss after tanning is smaller than that of the point-contact steel wire rope. When the same diameter and the same strength, it can withstand higher load than the point-contact wire rope.

(3) During work, the bending and contact stress of the wire in the rope is small;

(4) Life expectancy is 20%~40% higher than that of general point contact wire ropes, and even up to 1~2 times. The


Wire contact wire ropes are co-directional and have a longer life than alternating wire ropes, but they are easy to loose when used. Linear contact lay wire ropes are mainly used in vertical shaft hoisting, inclined shaft hoisting, open pit slope hoisting, excavator and oil drilling, blast furnace hoisting, various cable cars, elevators, thermal transfer steel machines, ship loading and unloading, fishing trawls, and agricultural electric ploughs. etc.

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