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List Of Wire Rope Code Alphabets
May 04, 2018


List of wire rope code alphabets

F0: minimum breaking force;

F: filled steel wire;

FC: fiber core (natural or synthetic);

Fi: filled wire rope;

H: semi-sealed steel wire (or rail-shaped) with round steel wire;

M: weight per unit length;

NAT: smooth steel wire;

NF: natural fiber core;

P: flat wire rope;

Q: oval wire or oval strand;

R0: wire nominal tensile strength;

R: rectangular (or flat) wire or strand;

S: Left to the west; West Lu type wire rope;

SF: synthetic fiber core;

T: trapezoidal steel wire; surface contact wire rope;

V: triangular wire or triangular strand;

IWR: wire rope core;

IWS: wire strand core;

W: Waringo steel wire rope;

Y: braided wire rope;

Z: Z-shaped wire;


ZAA: Class A galvanized steel wire;

ZAB: AB grade galvanized steel wire;

ZBB: Class B galvanized steel wire.

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