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Point Contact Lay Wire Rope Characteristics
Jun 22, 2018

The point contact lay wire rope is softer and the manufacture is also simple. Generally, the wire diameter is the same, only the center wire is increased by 10%, and the small wire strands that are in contact with the wire rope are secondary or 3 times shaped and finally synthesized. The use of performance is not as good as wire contact wire ropes, and it is more than not contacting wire ropes.


When the rope is used, it is easy to slip between the steel wires. When the external force is applied, two types of bending stress are generated on the steel wire at the same time, that is, one bending stress generated when the steel wire passes through the pulley or reel and the other due to the mutual extrusion of the steel wires between the layers. The secondary bending stress, which we call the force of force, requires three times of force to touch the wire rope.


Because when the steel wire floats due to loose structure, three bending stresses are also generated. Therefore, the steel wire rope has large bending stress and poor fatigue resistance when used. The

The point-contacting wire rope has a looser strand structure, and the wires slide more strongly after stress, and the elongation is larger and the density coefficient is smaller. Although it can withstand greater loads than wire contact wire ropes, it has a lower life expectancy.

However, China’s main market is still such a point contact lay wire rope, universal wire rope 6*19, 6*37, but I believe that with the continuous development of technology, in addition to small diameter (below 10mm) and large diameter (above 60mm) and hoisting In addition, the end user will choose to contact the wire rope in line, contact the wire rope in the surface, and rotate the wire rope in the multilayer strand.


The advantage of this kind of product is that there is a large space for flexible movement between the monofilaments of each layer, and therefore it is suitable for use on large slings.

The short contact area between the monofilaments and the easy disconnection are disadvantages.


Point contact lay wire rope Typical Specification Model: Universal Wire Rope, 6*19, 6*37, 6X61, Aviation Galvanized Steel Wire Rope, 1*7, 1*19, 1*37, 6*7, 7*7, Ship Bundle 6*12 , 6*24.

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