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Precautions For Using Wire Rope
Sep 10, 2018

Wire rope is one of the indispensable parts in the construction of rotary drilling rigs. The working condition of the wire rope is complicated and variable. In many cases, the wire rope will be scrapped early. The following are the main ideas about the use of wire ropes. 

1. When the wire rope is unwound and installed, the correct method should be adopted to prevent the wire rope from kinking. Also be careful not to make the surface of the wire rope stained with sand to avoid aggravating the wear and affect the service life of the wire rope.

2. If the whole coil of steel wire rope needs to be cut off, the end should be tied or blown.

3. When the rope card must be installed, the rope card spacing is 5-6 times the wire rope diameter.

4. The selection of the wire rope should be such that the wire rope is wound at the bottom of the reel.

5. When the steel wire rope is wound on the reel, it should be arranged neatly, and it should not be tangled. Otherwise, it will cause serious biting and crushing in the work of the wire rope, which will affect the service life of the wire rope.

6. The new rope must be “run-in” under light load at the beginning of use. This will increase the life of the wire rope. In the course of use, excessive impact loads should also be avoided to cause damage to the wire rope.

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