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Precautions For Using Wire Rope 2
Sep 15, 2018

The working condition of the wire rope is complicated and variable. In many cases, the wire rope will be scrapped early. The following are the main ideas about the use of wire ropes. I hope that everyone can make the best use of the ropes and get the most benefit.

1. In use, special attention should be paid to accurately calculating the distance during the drilling process. The rope should not be over-discharged to prevent the wire rope from being loosened under the loose state, resulting in structural damage and the entire wire rope being scrapped.

2. For multi-layer winding equipment, it is inevitable that the wire rope will be bitten during use. It is recommended to check the “biting rope” part frequently during use and strengthen the lubrication, or cut off the “reel” regularly and stagger the “biting rope” part.

3. After the wire rope is put into use, the performance will be gradually reduced. Therefore, after using the new rope for a period of time, it should always check the parts where the wire rope is prone to damage, such as the part of the wire rope that “bites the rope”, the wire rope of the lower layer of the drum, the wire rope passing through the pulley and the wire rope entering and exiting the wire rope when a severe impact occurs. Provide a basis for regular and safe use of wire ropes.

4. broken wire processing

When the wire rope is broken and needs to be used, the broken wire should be treated in time (see Figure 10 and Figure 11). You can use a wire cutter to clamp the broken wire head and bend it back and forth until the wire breaks. After this treatment, the wire breakage will be clamped between the strands without causing damage to the wire rope. When the number of broken wires in a lay length reaches 10% of the total number of outer steel wires, the wire rope must be replaced.

5. Suggestions

Since the working mode of the rotary drilling rig wire rope belongs to the single rope lifting, that is, the wire rope has a free rotating end in the work, based on the safety and the convenience of operation, the anti-rotation wire rope should be preferentially used when purchasing the wire rope.

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