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Replacement Standard And Replacement Method Of Truck Crane Wire Rope
Mar 27, 2018

Replacement standard and replacement method of truck crane wire rope:

When the truck crane wire rope is in one or more of the following conditions, the wire rope must be replaced.

(1) Replacement standard of truck crane wire rope

1. In a string of steel ropes, ten percent or more of the steel wire (except the filler wire) has broken.

2. The wire rope diameter is reduced by more than 7 percent from the original diameter;

3 wire rope kinks;

4. excessive deformation or corrosion of the steel wire rope;

5. Heat discolored wire rope.

(2) Replacement method of truck-mounted wire rope

1. Place the crane on a sturdy, level surface to fully retract the boom.

2. Lower the hook pulley to the ground, remove the wire rope from the rope cover, and pull the wire rope out of the hook pulley.

3. Lift the boom up about 30 degrees and remove the reel cover.

4. Pull the wire rope out by hand and turn the drum.

5. Remove the block from the roll and pull the wire rope out.

6. Tie the end of the new wire rope with steel wire or PVC tape.

7. Pass the new rope correctly from the pulley.

8. Use a wedge to secure the end of the new wire rope to the drum.

9. Put on the reel cover.

10. Pass the wire rope over the reel and turn the reel.

11. Tie the end of the new wire rope with a wire rope or PVC tape.

12. Pass the wire rope correctly from the pulley and the hook pulley at the top of the boom.

13. Pass the wire rope through the weight of the "overwind" alarm device.

14. Secure the wire rope to the rope cover with wedges and rope clamps. Then, attach the rope cover to the last boom section or hook pulley. Note: Do not mistype the wedge. Also note that the direction of the rope clamp installation must not be mistaken.

15. Raise the boom to a larger angle and fully extend the boom. Lower the hook pulley to the lowest level, but make sure that the rope remains on the drum for at least 3 turns.

16. Raise a weight within the rated range and lift and lower the weight several times to run in the wire rope. Then, with the weights, the wire ropes are arranged neatly on the drum.

(3) Correction of the twisted steel wire rope on the truck crane

1. In the absence of lifting heavy objects, check the wire rope twisting direction and count the number of twisted turns.

2. Lower the boom completely and remove the rope cover from the boom.

3. Before setting the rope to the boom head, turn the wire rope end in the opposite direction to the twisting direction. Turn the number of turns to N times the number of twisting turns. Do not turn the wire rope 5 turns or more at a time.

4. Fully raise or extend the boom to lift the hook pulley several times.

5. Repeat the above steps until the twisted state is eliminated.

6. Apply the proper tension and wind the wire rope around the drum.

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