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Rope And Rope Groove With The Right
Mar 05, 2018

1. The correct size of the rope groove is crucial for the service life of the rope. Rope groove must be greater than the nominal diameter of the rope, the bottom must be smooth, round, without bump, and both sides have a complete uniform side.


2. Rope slot can not prevent the deformation of the side of the rope, so its diameter must always be larger than the diameter of the rope.


3. The correct rope groove calculation is as follows:

The minimum diameter of the new rope groove = rope diameter × 1.06,

The maximum diameter of the new rope groove = rope diameter × 1.10,

The recommended diameter of the new rope groove = rope diameter × 1.08,


4. Open side of the rope should be between 30 °and 60 °, the value of the angle to play bigger. 


As shown in the figure: respectively, marked the narrow rope slot, wide rope slot and rope with the right and wrong


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