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Rope Diameter And Reel Diameter With The Right
Feb 28, 2018

The diameter of the drum and pulleys have a direct effect on the life of the wire rope because the diameter of the drum or pulley is too small and the curvature of the wire rope at the drum and pulley can be significant and the rope is repeatedly exposed during crane operation This substantial bending stretch, damage is also very fast. Therefore, in order to make the wire rope have a certain service life, "Hoisting Machinery Safety Regulations" requires that the ratio of the diameter of the pulley to the diameter of the wire rope is not less than the stipulated requirements.

In addition, in determining the diameter of the roll, but also consider the length of the reel, the reel diameter is small, the length of the reel is larger, which is very negative on the force of the reel. Therefore, the drum diameter is usually larger than the pulley diameter.


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