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Something About The Point Contact Lay Wire Rope
Jul 13, 2018

The wires in the strands are arranged concentrically, and the difference in the number of wires in the adjacent layers is 6.

The strands are available with and without a fiber core, coated and uncoated.

The wire rope made of strands has a fiber core and a metal core (see rope core).

Point contact wire rope made of a single layer strand and a multi-layer strand strand.


The point contact lay wire rope is soft and easy to manufacture. Generally, the wire diameter is the same, only the center wire is increased by 10%, and the point contact wire rope small strand is formed twice or three times, and finally synthesized. The use performance is not as good as the wire contact wire rope, and it is more in contact with the wire rope than the above.


When used, the steel wire in the rope is prone to slippage. When the external force is applied, the steel wire simultaneously produces two kinds of bending stresses, that is, the first bending stress generated when the steel wire passes through the pulley or the reel and the mutual compression of the inter-layer steel wires. The secondary bending stress, we call the force, the point contact wire rope is subject to three forces.


Because when the wire floats due to loose structure, three bending stresses are generated. Therefore, the wire rope has a large bending stress and a poor fatigue resistance.

The structure of the strands of the point contact wire rope is relatively loose, and the steel wire slides between the steel bars after the force is applied, the elongation is large, and the density coefficient is small. Although it can withstand more loads than wire contact wires, it has a lower life.

However, China's main market is still such point contact wire rope, universal wire rope 6*19, 6*37, but I believe that with the continuous development of technology, in addition to small diameter (less than 10mm) and large diameter (60mm or more) and lifting and hoisting In addition to the occasions where it is necessary to consider the convenience of operation, the end user will select the wire contact wire rope, the surface contact wire rope, and the multi-layer strands will not rotate the wire rope.


The advantage of this product is that the space between the layers of monofilaments can be moved and the flexibility is strong, so it is suitable for bending large slings.

The small contact area between the monofilaments and the easy disconnection are its disadvantages.


Point contact wire rope typical specifications Model: universal wire rope, 6*19, 6*37, 6X61, aviation galvanized steel wire rope, 1*7, 1*19, 1*37, 6*7, 7*7, marine bundle 6*12 , 6*24.

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