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Steel Chuck Use Method
Mar 20, 2018

1. The layout of the steel chuck: the correct layout of the steel chuck should be shown in Figure 1, the clip seat buckle on the working section of the wire rope, U-bolt buckle on the end of the wire rope, steel clips may not be on the wire rope Alternately arranged.

2. The number of steel chucks: For the applicable occasions that meet the requirements of the standards, the minimum number of steel chucks required for each connection is recommended to use as shown in Table 1.

3. The distance between the steel clips: The distance between the steel cord clamps is equal to 6-7 times the wire rope diameter.

4. The strength of the fixed position between the rope clips: the strength of the steel clip fixed position depends on the correct arrangement of the rope clip on the wire rope, and the cautiousness and proficiency of the rope clamp fixing and clamping. Inadequate tightening of nuts or steel clips may cause the rope end to slip when it is initially loaded.

If the rope clamps are correctly arranged and clamped as recommended, and all the rope clamps place the clamp seat on the longer part of the wire rope, and the ü-shaped screw is placed on the shorter or tail section of the wire, the strength of the fixed part is 80% of the strength of the wire itself. In actual use, the rope clamps are checked after being loaded for one or two times. The rope clips farthest from the collar must not be separately fastened first. The nearest clip rope (first rope end) from the collar should be as close as possible to the ring, but the correct tightening of the rope clip must still be ensured without damaging the outer wire of the rope.


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