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Steel Wire Rope Braiding Method
Oct 09, 2017

Hand buckle:

The method of using the six strand wire rope with the interwoven fiber rope core or the wire core is used for the hoisting of the hoisting of the ring, and it is also applicable to the rigging without the ring.


1. The five interspersed interconnector can be interspersed with the interpenetration of three whole strands and the secondary reduction. All plugs should be opposite to the twisting of the wire rope; In addition to the first set of interspersed, the end of all the other groups shall be opposite to the twist of the wire rope.

2. The interspersed should be carried out in one share, one share.  

3. If the wire rope has a fibrous main core, the core should be completely pierced with the first end of the first set, then cut off the cored of the exposed core. If the cord has fiber core, the core should remain in the original strand.  

4. If the wire rope has an independent wire rope core, the core should be divided into three parts, namely:Two shares; Two shares; Two shares add to the core.  

Use three interleaved tails to make up these three parts, and only pass through three complete plugs.  

5. If the wire rope has an independent wire core, the core should be folded in the first set and then fully inserted into the center of the interwoven head.  

6. All interspersed should be firmly drawn to the centerline of the inserted wire rope. In order to smooth and round the inserted parts, appropriate tools should be used to get them into the right position.


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