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Strands Of Production Technology And Equipment
Jan 22, 2018

    The production of wire rope, twisting and rope three basic processes. The company is located in:

Winding process The wire reel, re-winding in the twisting machine I-wheel; also wire from the wire drawing machine directly after the roll onto the word wheel. Twisting strands of steel wire twisted into strands. Twisting machine basket basket, shaft tube, tubeless and double twist machines.


     12-axis tubular twisting machine schematic, 1 is equipped with lower strands of the word wheel, 2 is a rotating barrel, built 12 wire-filled spool, 3 is a strand of pressure tile, 4 is the traction wheel, 5 is the upper strands of the take-up reel, the barrel rotates a week, the length of the rope traction leads to the stock twist pitch.


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