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Surface Contact Wire Rope
Jul 06, 2018

A wire rope that is in surface contact with most of the steel wires in the surface of the strand. The strands consist of profiled wires. In layman's terms, the strands that are in contact with the wire rope are compressed by plastic deformation during the twisting or tying.

The single-strand structure diagram of the surface contact is roughly as follows:

The single-strand medium steel wire and the steel wire are treated by a special process or in a planar contact state, and the diameter is reduced by a certain ratio before the treatment, but the tensile strength, wear resistance and fatigue resistance are greatly enhanced.


This is a novel wire rope with many types of structures.


Such as 18x7K, 6*K36SW, 35W*7K, 6*K25FI and other 6 strands of wire rope and multi-strand wire rope.

In general, the surface contact wire rope can have the same variety as the wire contact wire rope, and the various single-strand and multi-strand contact wire ropes derived therefrom.

The strand in the surface contact wire rope is a further evolution of the wire contact strand, and its structure is similar to the line contact wire rope.

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