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Wire Heat Treatment
Sep 28, 2017

Heat treatment is an important process in the production of wire rope, but few businessmen or manufacturers explain the process characteristics of heat treatment and the influence of heat treatment on the quality of steel wire rope.

First, we need to understand the purpose of the steel wire heat treatment, and the heat treatment of the steel wire will regain the conditions conducive to the cold pull.

Simple said is after cold drawn wire rod or wire, molecular structure, strength was increased, but easier to brittle fracture, can not smooth enough drawing and will be pulled apart or cause drag mark.

The internal structure of the steel wire is restored by heat treatment. In order to pull the wire again, it is not easy to break, and it can achieve the required intensity.

steel wire pack.jpg

Purpose of steel wire heat treatment:

(1) the processing hardening of the steel wire in the previous cold-drawing process is beneficial to the continuation of the cold drawing.

(2) to make the hot rolled rod suitable for drawing and drawing, which can be pulled and pulled normally.

(3) the steel wire has special structure, and the steel wire has good performance after cold pull.

(4) make the finished steel wire have the organization and performance of user requirements.

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