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Wire Rope Code Mark
Apr 24, 2018

Wire rope code mark

1 . General

1.1 The wire rope marking code is represented by a combination of English letters and numbers.

1.1.1 The structure and characteristics of steel wire ropes generally use the first letter of the English word as the label, and the labeling characteristics can use either uppercase letters or lowercase letters, but not both.

1.1.2 The number of strands and the number of steel wires in wire ropes are expressed in Arabic numerals.

1.1.3 According to custom and versatility, international codes are sometimes used.

1.2 The mark number not specified in this standard, if necessary, can be specified in the product standard according to the above principles.

2 Wire rope marking items and order

The wire rope marking code should be marked in the following order:

a. Size

b. The surface condition of the wire

c. Structural type

d. Steel wire tensile strength

e. Lay 

f. The minimum breaking force

g. Weight per unit length

h. Product standards.

If you mark in the above order you can use abbreviations. 

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