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Wire Rope Core Types And Their Differences
May 18, 2018

The rope core is the central part of the steel wire rope, and is divided into metal core and fiber core; the role is mainly to support and reduce the pressure between the strands. In addition, the fiber rope core also plays the role of lubrication, corrosion protection and oil storage.

The type of wire rope rope is as follows:


(1) Metal Core

A, independent steel cord

B, steel wire core

(2) Fiber core

A, natural fiber core: such as sisal, synthetic fiber, cotton yarn, jute, or other fibers that meet the requirements.

B, nylon fiber core: polyethylene, polypropylene, asbestos and so on.

Different ropes, the wire rope cross-section schematic diagram is also different. As shown below


In picture 1, 6x7 can also be called 6x7+FC, FC is the so-called fiber core, which is marked with gray or black in the picture.

In picture 2, 7 × 7 can also be called 6 × 7 + IWS, IWS is the so-called metal core, the same structure with the outer small unit, in the picture with a specific composition of the structure.

In picture 3, iwrc is a 7×7 cord, that is, a steel cord with a 7*7 structure is used as the steel core.

The meaning of IWS in picture 4 is the same as picture 2, that is, the outer strand structure of steel wire rope is different.

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