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Wire Rope Cutting Method
Apr 17, 2018

Wire rope cutting method

Wire rope cutting method.png

Fine diameter wire ropes are cut with wire rope scissors. Wire rope scissors and steel scissors are different, everyone is familiar with steel scissors, the knife edge is straight, and the wire rope scissors edge is rounded. Since the wire rope is made of multiple strands, it must be wrapped with a circular knife edge. With a straight edge cutter (rebar scissors), the wire rope will slide out of the knife edge. In fact, the wire rope scissors and cable scissors are the same, but the wire rope scissors Thicker than cable scissors, the power is greater. Therefore, you cannot use cable scissors instead of wire rope scissors.

Hydraulic scissors.png

The thick steel wire rope is generally cut with a wire rope special cutting machine and belongs to hydraulic scissors. Hydraulic scissors can generally cut 6mm-30mm diameter wire rope, of course, there are electric cutting wheel cutting machine is also OK, this cut up relatively flat, but there is no place for power, can only use wire rope scissors and wire rope special cutting machine. If a large wire rope is cut with scissors, it can be cut one at a time. Of course, over 30mm diameter wire rope generally means that it can be gas-sealed. Because the wire rope diameter of more than 30mm is more than 1.4mm, the strength of the steel wire is basically above 1670. It cannot be moved with scissors and ordinary hydraulic scissors. Therefore, only gas welding can be used.

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