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Wire Rope Hand Buckle
Oct 17, 2017

Wire Rope Hand Buckle

To prepare

1. Should clamp the ring on the vise, and let the wire rope pass through the ring so that the main part of the wire rope is on the right and free end on the left.  

2. The wire rope should be strapped to the ring on both sides of the ring and casing, or fixed them with a ring clamp.  

3. Unlock the strands of the wire rope. The stock end of unpreformed wire rope should be securely tied.  

4. The arrangement of wire rope and ring should be shown in figure A1.  


Preliminary insertion

The initial approach to the interpolation is illustrated in the graphical illustration shown in figure A2 and the detailed explanation in table A1.


The fourth and fifth groups interspersed

A5. 1.After the third set of interspersed, remove part of the wire from each cord to reduce the end. The remaining steel strand should be inverted into the center of the steel wire

In the structure.  

A5. 2. Should use the reduction of the tail end by A2. 2 or A2. The method of regulation is interspersed with the fourth and fifth groups. Make the part of the interpolation smooth and round, should use appropriate

When the tools are done to get them in the right place.


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