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Wire Rope Production Process
Jan 26, 2018

Wire Rope Production Process


The process of rinsing the surface of the steel wire rope with acid solution and rinsing with acid is also called pealing in the production process of the steel wire rope. The oxide of the high wire is peeled off mainly to avoid impurities such as rust and rusting, which can damage the wire drawing mold.



Popular to say that the material is immersed in phosphate solution, the surface of a layer of water-insoluble phosphate film process. To some extent, to prevent corrosion.



Through a variety of drawn metal wire mold center shape of the hole, round, square, star anise or other special shape. When the metal forcibly through the hole when the size, shape has changed.


Cold drawn wire: 

Ordinary round bar, let it through the hole smaller than its diameter forced pull, then the bar diameter will be smaller, the length will be extended, and will continue to repeat this process, the bar will be Further smaller. After this plastic deformation will increase the hardness of steel, plastic will basically disappear. Do not require plasticity, only require the strength of the occasion, you can use such steel.



Because the molecular structure of the wire has been destroyed, only the tempering once again restore the internal structure of the wire. In order to facilitate drawing again, so not easy to break, but also pulled to the intensity we want. Strength is the tensile strength we say. Strength is pulled out of the drawing, not heat treatment out. This is the biggest difference between wire rope technology and machining technology. General strength: 1470N / mm2, 1570N / mm2, 1670N / mm2, 1770N / mm2, 1870N / mm2, 1960N / mm2. The higher the strength, the stronger the tension, but the worse the toughness. Therefore, we should choose the right type of wire rope strength. Can not blindly high strength. Tensile strength of high-strength steel wire rope is strong, but weak in abrasion resistance and flexibility.

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