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Wire Rope Production Process - Twist
Nov 01, 2017

    The type, structure, material and production process of the type, structure, and use of the twisted strand shall be determined by the use. Normal wire rope with a diameter of 0.1 ~ 6.0mm circular section carbon steel wire. The Z shape and other special steel wire are adopted when the rope is sealed and semi-sealed. The type of wire rope is divided according to use: there are suspension Bridges with rope and mining, overhead cable, driving device with traction rope, elevator rope, strapping and tow knitting goods. The variety of wire rope is increasing and the structure is increasingly complex. Besides the various coated steel wire, stainless steel wire and double metal wire are used. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of steel wire rope used for steel wire rope has enough strength, good flexibility, twisting of the compactness, pressure resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance, etc., of which strength is the most important.  


    The section structure of the wire rope is a little bit of contact with round stock, contact round stock, surface contact round, heterotype, single layer not rotating, sealing and flat, etc. The surface contact circular strand wire rope is the traction force of the twisting unit to connect the wire rope through drawing die or roll die drawing. The two kinds of anticorrosive measures of oil coating and coating are used in the twisted section of the section of the wire.  

    All wire ropes must be coated with oil. The fiber core leaching oil, the requirement grease can protect the fiber core not to rot, does not rust the steel wire, moisten the fiber, and lubricate the wire rope from the inside. Surface oil make all steel wire strand surface evenly coated with a layer of anti-rust lubricating grease, which the friction ascension and mine water large mine with ropes, besmear to increase grinding and water resistance of shiny black fat; Other USES are coated with strong film, rust - resistant red oil and grease, and require a thin oil layer to keep clean during operation.  

    Galvanized, aluminized, nylon or plastic coated. Galvanized steel wire is divided into the thin coating layer and the thick coating of the steel wire after the plating. The mechanical properties of the thick coating are lower than that of the smooth steel wire rope, which should be used in the serious corrosive environment. Aluminium-plated steel wire rope is more corrosion resistant, wear-resisting and heat-resistant than galvanized steel wire rope, mainly used for fishing trawling and H2S mine, etc., it adopts the first plating method to produce. The wire rope with nylon or plastic is divided into the rope and the two kinds. The former is used for the static rope, the latter for the rope.  

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