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Wire Rope Production Process - Twisting
Jan 31, 2018

Wire rope production process - twisting

Rope twisting quality is the main factor affecting its service life and carrying capacity.

Rope structure diagram.jpg

The direction of the steel wire winding into strands is the same as the twisting direction of the strands. For example, the right twist of the strands is called right-twisting; the left strands of the strands are called the left-hand twisting. This wire rope between the better contact, the surface is relatively smooth, good flexibility, wear small, longer service life. But easy to loose and twist the direction of the wire around the strand and the strand twist into the opposite direction of the rope called interactive twist, such as the right twist twist, left twist twist, known as the right interactive twist; Rope left twist, right twist, known as the left Interactive twist. The shortcomings of this rope is stiffer, lower life expectancy, but not easy to loose and twist the direction of the wire into a strand and strand twist into the same part of the rope, part of the opposite, known as the hybrid twist. Mixed twist with the same twist and interactive twist characteristics, but the manufacturing process is more complicated.

1517362094(1).jpg       Rope and its strand twist pitch.jpg


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