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Wire Rope Standard, Put Rope, Solution Method
Apr 09, 2018

Wire rope drop rope method

1. For roped ropes, place the ropes on top of a bracket that rotates the sheaves, and then pull the ends of the ropes so that they extend straight. If you do not press this operation, it is very easy to cause knotting and damage to the wire rope.


2. For ropeless steel wire rope rolls, the rope roll should be erected when the rope is put, and the wire should be rolled in the opposite direction along the end of the rope to achieve the purpose of releasing the rope. Avoid directly pulling the rope end, which will also cause the wire rope to hit. As a result, the wire rope is damaged.


Steel wire rope coiling method


Correct winding method: The winding direction and the rolling direction of the wire ropes on the main plate and the sub-disk should be the same.


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