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Wire Rope Twisting Solution
Sep 18, 2018

The wire rope is tied up at height because the wire rope is subjected to load and its own weight.

First of all, for the non-rotating wire rope, the rope must be properly unwound before the wire rope is used. When the wire is wound into the drum, it should be slowly operated, so that the wire ropes are arranged neatly one turn, and there must be no disorder.

In addition, the working length of the wire rope is completely loose, and as the load and the length of the overhang increase, the twisting and knotting of the wire rope will increase. Only loosening the rope in the right way will ensure that the wire rope is not knotted or less knotted.

The wire rope is easy to twist (knotted). Is there any way to solve it?

1. Re-arrange the wire rope once. (usually said to exhaust the wire rope).

2, turn around to deal with: the head on the spire and the head on the hoist is replaced.

3. Re-release the wire rope.

4. After all the wire ropes are installed, check whether the anti-twist device is flexible.

5. the above methods are used, the wire rope is also new, if it is still twisted, then pay attention to the line, turn to the opposite direction of twisting for two weeks.

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